Baby We’re Still in This

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Honestly, I am still alive. I did not disappear. I will continue blogging. It won’t be here. 


I am re-strategizing, setting-up my little accessory shop, and getting back and into fashion. When I began this blog two months ago, fashion was supposed to lead the way! But The Killers took over. This is not the last post here. Links to the new blog and the website and facebook page in the new year. 

I met several new people at a meetup for designers, entrepreneurs, bloggers on Tuesday. I am not normally a people person, but I realized on Tuesday that I am finally comfortable around meeting new people. No more anxiety attacks, Thank God! 

I sat myself on a rather uncomfortable couch meant more for lounging on with your feet up. Which I was tempted to do several times as I propped myself up as straight as I could, in order to not be swallowed by this extremely fluffy couch in front of 20-30 odd professionals. I learnt at this meeting, well besides the technicalities of Digital Marketing, that you can never, ever, ever, judge a person by what she/he wears or looks like. 


The lady in the hijab, seated on the other extremely fluffy couch across the table, has been shark diving, sky dived, bungee jumped,*insert several other adrenaline packed activities to this list*! The Chinese man in the suit behind the couch, across the table, has a rather… attractive…? No, the most alluring Australian accent ever heard. He designs tailored suits for men and travels all around the world (Including Las Vegas, Nevada!). The speaker, seated on my right, is an 80’s lover. She loves movies, fashion, music, everything from the 80’s. And she is an IT geek.  The lady seated on my left introduces herself to me, asks me if I blog. She is Arab, is the only one in the room besides me with loads of eye makeup on. She is a blogger. I think she is Lebanese, but she is actually Saudi Arabian. Which I find out when I visit her blog, and where I also find out that she has been to The Killers concert in Dubai, and now knows and listens to a great deal of The Killers, and from this moment onwards I know that you can never, ever, ever judge a person by what she/he wears or looks like. 

I can hear Brandon sing, ‘Lesson learned
And the wheels keep turning’ *


Have yourselves a Merry little Christmas and May your New Year bring you all the Joy and Peace & Love!


*This is the World We Live In- The Killers 


Whatever MTV

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I am 15 days late with this statement, but when I said, ‘may the best band win‘….I did not mean Greenday! Or Linkin Park! 

How to be Brandon Flowers…and a Girl

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Ms. Agron makes for a killer Mr. Flowers.

I like the new video a lot! Much better than what I had/ could have imagined it to be!

24 Cakester

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I am another year older.

I don’t mind.

I spent  my birthday’s eve out with some  very old friends. We had dinner, I ordered  shrimp scampi, I couldn’t eat, I wasn’t hungry. B said she had to go to the loo before we ordered drinks. She really went up to inform all the staff that it was my birthday so that they could all sing very loudly and bring me cake. When the cake came out, I was like, “So this is what you did when you went to the toilet!”

My sister, the baker, ordered my birthday cake from the ice cream shop. I can’t complain about cake. We had cake though. Cake was all that mattered.

My friend Nada got me the sweetest card ever. On the outside it reads, ‘The best things in life aren’t things…….’ And on the inside it continues….’They’re friends like you!’

Darling B, put together The Killers’ entire discography! Everything from Hot Fuss to Sawdust! Minus Direct Hits…because this city so cool, they won’t stock up until the middle of next year I suppose. I have to say Day & Age is my favorite album so far.


I also got an overhaul of sweet smelling things from Bath & Body Shop. I will be smelling like a treat from now on.

The Christmas market is fast approaching. It is ten days away. I am working on getting all my products together. I spent this last week thinking of a brand name and trying to get a rookie-style website up and running. So far things are looking fine. Will link up soon though. I have also been shopping about for trims and little shiny things for my stuff. I picked up neon on one of my visits to the haberdashery store. I don’t do neon. I like the word ‘neon’. I like ‘neon’ lights, but I don’t do neon. However, I am now doing neon. Inspiration called for it, and so now I’ve got neon.


We had a storm last week too. Sand and rain and thunder. Funny thing is our sandstorms never used to look like the sandstorm in Mission Impossible 3, and lately they have begun to look more like the sandstorm in Mi3. It’s sort of a ‘chicken and the egg’ kinda story.



Another-Year-Older x

‘Today is the Oldest You’ve Ever Been and the Youngest You’ll Ever Be Again’

November 14, 2013 § 1 Comment

If this beautiful, sweet, breezy, overcast, Thursday afternoon outside my window had a song to sing, it would sing this song: 





Time, Truth, Hearts

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It is crazy. Really. The Killers are Live on Jimmy Kimmel this week, they are live on Ellen, with Channing Tatum! This is a pretty busy week for the band. At the end of it, is my birthday!

All this time I had been thinking I was a year older than I actually am. Is that a good thing? I mean, I’ve been thinking I am 25 going on 26, but I’m not. Going to be 23 for another 3 days.

The Killers released their Best- Of yesterday. I am not even sure Dubai will stock up anytime soon. I remember when Battle Born released worldwide last year in September, Dubai had them on the shelves in December. I want the CD in my hands- kinda thing. Have no means to order online, and do not want to get it off iTunes either. B said the other day, “Don’t you buy Direct Hits. I am going to give you a Brandon Flowers birthday!” Really B? Really?

Yesterday was also the day (month-erversary) the Killers were here performing live in October. I cannot believe it has been a month already! I cannot believe it has been 10 years with The Killers!

Now I am not a die-hard fan or anything. It has been only recently since I started following them on every social media site. It has been a year that I have been listening to nothing but Battle Born. Two years since I first heard Brandon’s Flamingo.

Ten years ago I was  a confused, crazy thirteen year old. I listened to everything from boy band Blue (:S) to Destiny’s Child, Crazy Town and Limp Bizkit, tripping over Good Charlotte and Alicia Keys.

I remember the day I first heard/saw anything about TK or from TK. They had me at Mr. Brightside. I was in the living room, MTV was on the telly.  I took a seat on the coffee table in front of the television, and in my head I said to myself, “This is good.” Teenage problems and endless bitch fights still filled my days thereafter, and my mind put The Killers ‘on the back burner.’



In 2008, I had moved to the Motherland to pursue a degree in Fashion. Read My Mind surfaced, and influenced all my art work in the first year of university. I would have that song play over and over again. It sort of kept me sane, when everything else around me drove me insane.



In 2009 I met a boy. Yes, he looked nothing like Jesus, but he did talk like a gentleman. I am not sure that’s what I had imagined, when I was younger. Especially not the ‘Jesus’ part. We did burn down the highway skyline, once.



Come 2010, I made the journey home. I cut the degree course short, and enrolled at a university in Dubai. I sulked at this misfortune everyday that year. I love the Motherland. I would go back in a heartbeat, but I guess that just wasn’t my time. With my birthday gift money that year, I bought myself Flamingo.

Most of 2011 was a blur. It had a bit to do with letting go. World Youth Day in Spain, set me off in a whole new direction. I finally stopped sulking about having to come home, about Romeo, my friends, freedom.

Battle Born came out in 2012. It influenced a lot of my final year collection. The last year of university was almost like a pre-battle field. I met way too many ‘pessimistic sufferers’* and I let them bring me down. Usually summer helps me clear my head, but it didn’t really do much for me creatively. I take what summer gives me and sort of channel it out through art and fashion during the rest of the year. Summer is more like my time to grow.



October 11th 2013- The Killers- Live in concert in Dubai. B and I hop into a cab and arrive at the venue, get out and onto the sand as easy as it would have been if we were headed to the mall. No traffic, no queues. We cover a 20 min. car journey in 10 minutes flat. Waiting for 5 hours was all too worth it in the end. On this day, dreams came true. I danced. I don’t dance. Ever. You know that quote that goes on about how when a person doesn’t dance, it’s because they can’t hear the music? Well, to hell with it. Albeit, my dance moves were basically stuff I had picked up from Mr. Flowers himself. You know, just a ‘shimmy and a shake, woohoo!’


If I were maybe five years younger, I would have taken my guitar and singing more seriously. I think I would have done well, because I would have had a pretty great band to inspire me and push me forward. Art has always been my calling however. I am glad to be able to channel TK’s music into my art work.



I think I am going to be happy, being a part of this day and age.

Man, ‘how we’ve grown!’

Title- All These Things That I’ve Done -The Killers

* Sweet Talk- The Killers

N.B. Images marked with a – ** – are Not my pictures

Just Another Killer Post

November 7, 2013 § 1 Comment

The new Killer’s song from their Direct Hits album is out!

Just Another Girl?

I can’t relate to it. Just another girl? Just another boy? I wouldn’t know either. B and I tried to apply the sentiments of the song to real life personal events and experiences. I said to B, “that is why you should never get with him la! To him, you would be Just Another Girl!”

I don’t think B deserves to be with Just a Guy who is going to treat her like Just Another Girl. However, musically, I adore the song. It also sparks alot of visual imagery. Last night in bed, I imagined a video to go with the song. Here is how it goes:

So it begins, a young man steps out of his smooth ride onto the desert sand. You don’t see the car initially because of all the dust. The desert, the Mojave Desert, the man, Mr. Flowers himself. He bends down and touches the sand, straightens himself and stares out at the setting sun. A Bald American Eagle flies up above him, (I see Pocahontas :S) Then a scene of a wild stallion running across the plain.

Next Scene: He drives by someone’s house. You see the car. A black Mustang, red and black leather interiors.  At “All of my friends say..” he walks down in the middle of an empty, suburban street, and neon lights, or dancers, prance about on the sidewalks. Bring in the guys from ‘Spaceman’.

Don’t know how the first chorus goes, perhaps scenes from his happy times with the girl. Would be cool if Jason was played by Max Minghella, because who can forget Max Minghella from ‘Shot at the Night’?

Que song lyric: ‘I can’t believe you’re out there flying with somebody else..uh huh huh *did he just do an Elvis?*’

Scenes of her ‘flying with somebody else’ perhaps… and then some more walking down cool, Spaceman-video-dancer-filled-sidewalk-street.

After the chorus, we see some more of the black stallion. ‘Reeling them in’- seriously? Fish???  Anyway, he gets into his car, drives down the Mojave Desert road really fast, into Las Vegas, down The Strip, to his concert, where the band is already on stage, and he runs up and grabs the mic and finishes of the song. Everything ends with moon from the ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ video, and a sky filled with a gazillion stars, all blazing like rebel diamonds!

I really need to get to bed earlier, so I can rise up earlier in the morning. You know, ‘rise up like the sun, labor till the day is done.’* Is it right to dream a dream on top of a dream? It was a dream come true to see The Killers live, and now, I want to meet them…really, really, really!

The EMA’s on the 10th right? Well, may the best band win;)

The Killer’s performance of ‘Shot At The Night’ on The Later Jools Holland show was class! Beautiful! Just so Beautiful!  Loved the 8 background vocalists. Mark let his hair grow longer and he looks alot more like Jesus. Dave was headbanging a bit, reminded me a lot of Simba. Ronnie was a possessed percussionist genius. And Brandon, he looked at the camera every now and then and…..smiled.

*Be Still